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The oil painting and fine art photography of artist Thuy Saliba evoke strong emotions through their elegance and sensuality. The emotion that Thuy instills in her art flows from her unique perception of composition and her life experience.

Thuy (pronounced Twee) was born in Bien Hoa (Bin Wah), Vietnam. Her favorite memories of Vietnam are her family's home where her mother also sold rice, the Catholic school where Thuy held first position in her class, the colorful street vendors, and the stunning beauty of the landscape and people of her birth country.

Thuy Saliba - Fine Art Photographer

Her family escaped war-torn Vietnam by fishing boat at the fall of Saigon in 1975. The dangerous and fear-filled days off the Vietnamese coast eventually led Thuy and her family to the Philippines, Guam, and Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. From there the amazing generosity of Saint Edwards parish brought the family to Waterloo, Iowa where Thuy learned English, went to high school, and became very well adapted to the United States.

Thuy graduated from the University of Tulsa with a degree in MIS, and still follows the Golden Hurricane basketball and football teams.

Thuy's art collection includes oils, pastels, watercolors, photography, Asian silk painting, Japanese woodblocks, and Asian porcelain and pottery, as well as her own photography and oils. Her interest in photography has expanded to include film and digital photography, color and black and white, portraiture, landscapes, cityscapes, plant and animal life studies, and advertising and commercial photography.

Thuy's work has been published in several local and national publications. Her work has also hung in galleries and museums in Houston and the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex as well as several private collections across the country.

Thuy's art can be viewed on this site and at exhibitions listed in the News and Events section of this site. Her art products can be viewed at Thuy can be reached by e-mail at or by telephone at 972.877.1851.

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