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Cards and Invitations

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Blank Art Cards

Thuy�s fine art greeting cards and invitations have been receiving rave reviews. The cards contain a smaller version of one of Thuy�s fine art photographic pieces encased in heavy weight, quality cardstock. Each card is hand assembled and protected by an acid free clear display bag. Any of Thuy�s fine art images from The Portfolio can be used (some cropping may occur).

Custom Art Cards

Thuy can customize the text on the front and inside of the cards to create distinctive invitations, noticeable announcements, appreciated thank you�s, and compelling marketing pieces. If you engage Thuy for fine art portraiture or custom fine art pieces, she can also customize the image at the front of the card to create a piece that is uniquely yours.

Blank Art Cards (image from The Portfolio/no text on the front or inside)

Quantity Price Per Card
1 to 9 cards $4.95
10 to 19 cards $4.75
20 to 29 cards $4.50
30 to 99 cards $4.25
100 or more cards $4.00

Custom Art Cards (commissioned image or an image from The Portfolio/ your text on the front and/or inside)

Quantity Price Per Card
1 to 9 cards $10.00
10 to 19 cards $9.50
20 to 29 cards $9.00
30 to 100 cards $8.50
100 or more cards $8.00

To order your Art Cards, please contact Customer Service toll free at 1.888.899.2338 or email

If requested, we can bundle your art cards at six per bundle in a decorative ribbon. This makes a wonderful gift of art!

Shipping and handling charges and applicable sales tax will be added as appropriate.

Please note that prices may change without notice.

All images created by Thuy are protected by copyright law. Please go to the Copyright Information section of the website for additional information regarding copyright.

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