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Thuy will, from time to time, choose a piece of her work that she sets aside as a Single Edition. The mood, the composition, the light or the subject matter may catch her eye in such a way that she decides to offer the piece to a single collector.

To view currently available color or black and white Single Edition images, click on the appropriate image above.

As a Single Edition collector, Thuy will work with you in developing the piece to your requirements. She feels that the singleness of creating a piece for the enjoyment of an individual collector calls for the participation of the collector in defining the piece. Thuy will collaborate with you to determine the size of the image (which is only limited by the point where Thuy determines that integrity of the image is compromised), the media upon which the image is transferred (fine art paper, photographic paper, watercolor paper, canvas), and how the piece is presented (matted and framed using Thuy Saliba Fine Arts wood frames and archival materials, mounted on foam board or left untouched for the collector to display as he or she sees fit).

Thuy is proud of the art that she creates, and she signs each piece in the lower right hand corner of the printed work. Requests by Single Edition collectors regarding the placement and content of the signature or other information regarding the piece will be honored.

Once the work is confirmed to be safely in the hands of the collector, the negative or digital file will be destroyed.


Single Editions are priced at $5000.00

Art Patron Discount
Thuy offers a discount for purchases of more than one piece in any order. Receive 10% off the above prices when ordering 2 pieces, 15% off when ordering 3 pieces, and 20% off when ordering 4 or more pieces. Limited Editions, Panel Montages and pieces from The Portfolio also count towards the Art Patron Discount. Each Panel Montage counts as one piece.

Shipping is free in the 48 contiguous US states. Please contact us for shipping charges to other locations. Applicable sales tax will be added as appropriate.

Digital images are provided on CD in .tif format. Other digital media and formats can be provided at the customer's request.

Please note that prices may change without notice.

All images created by Thuy are protected by copyright law. Please go to the Copyright Information section of the website for additional information regarding copyright.

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