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Images used in your company's printed collateral, online, and in your advertising directly affect the response your business receives from your advertising and marketing programs, and how customers or potential customers perceive your business.

To take a closer look at the examples of our architectural photography on this page, click on the images to the right.


Images of your physical space and properties can be very effective in attracting customers if done properly, but beware the use of poorly composed images as they can do more harm than good.

Thuy Saliba Photography has extensive experience in creating compelling, eye-catching images of building interiors and exteriors. We have produced high impact images for multi-million dollar home developers, homeowners and their real estate agents, and large businesses and institutions.

These images are developed always with the end use in mind how to attract the eye of your customer to your business.

Our architectural photography has appeared in Travel + Leisure Magazine, Pinnacle Magazine, Enclave Magazine, Brilliant Magazine, Links Magazine, D Home Magazine, Golf Odyssey Magazine, and other local and national publications.

Some of our clients include:

Hotel Valencia
The Tower
AMLI Residential
Symmetry Architects

To see our architectural images as an art form, please visit the Fine Art Cityscape section of the website.


Architectural photo sessions and post-session processing rates are $150 per hour plus $50 per hour for photo assistant services.

Images are provided digitally in high resolution on CD.

Please note that prices may change without notice.

Applicable sales tax will be added as appropriate.

All images created by Thuy Saliba Photography are protected by copyright law. Please go to the Copyright Information section of the website for additional information regarding copyright.

hotel valencia

boston hotel

CBH building

AMLI Red Door


vaquero home

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