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Commercial Services - Food and Product

Images used in your company's printed collateral, online, and in your advertising directly affect the response your business receives from your advertising and marketing programs, and how customers or potential customers perceive your business.

To take a closer look at the examples of our food and product photography on this page, click on the images to the right.


Thuy Saliba Photography creates food and product image with a unique sense of light and composition that attracts the eye and sets your company’s products apart.

In so doing, the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing programs is increased dramatically.

Thuy Saliba Photography has completed imagery for print and on line layout, articles and advertisements, as well as products and services for a variety of businesses and industries.

Some of our clients include:

Citrus Restaurant
International Imaging Materials (IIMAK)
Christopher Blair
Salon Moda
Jasmin Berlin Haute Couture
Rosser Design and Construction


Food and product photo sessions and post-session processing rates are $150 per hour plus $50 per hour for photo assistant services.

Images are provided digitally in high resolution on CD.

Please note that prices may change without notice.

Applicable sales tax will be added as appropriate.

All images created by Thuy Saliba Photography are protected by copyright law. Please go to the Copyright Information section of the website for additional information regarding copyright.

crab cake salad

girl with green apple

faucet with flowers



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