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Commercial Services - Training and Consulting

Images used in your company's printed collateral, online, and in your advertising directly affect the response your business receives from your advertising and marketing programs, and how customers or potential customers perceive your business.

To take a closer look at the examples of our photography on this page, click on the images to the right.


Led by our principal, Thuy Saliba, an accomplished photographer and artist, our training and consulting services are effective, personal and wholly different from those found elsewhere in the marketplace.

From an individualized introduction to fine art photography for your child to advertising and marketing consulting for your company, our programs are effective, cost justified and tailored to your situation.

Thuy Saliba Photography provides interesting, fun and effective programs in fine art and commercial photography. The programs include discussion on composition and the use of light and shadow, hands-on photographic sessions, introductions to industry leading systems and software, and exposure to related support services.

Consulting services are tailored to the needs of your business. The same eye applied to the development of images is applied to the development of the presentation of your business. We have been in the development of online website structure, advertising layout, and marketing programs.


Training and consulting services rates are quoted on a project basis. Please contact us by telephone at 888.899.2338 toll free or by email at

Please note that prices may change without notice.

Applicable sales tax will be added as appropriate.

All images created by Thuy Saliba Photography are protected by copyright law. Please go to the Copyright Information section of the website for additional information regarding copyright.

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